Tai Chi for Experienced Practitioners

Tai Chi and massage share the same source: body mechanics. The better one's Tai Chi, the better one's massage.Tai Chi for Experienced Practitioners offers an avenue for students who already have experience with Tai Chi and want to continue and deepen their study and practice.

In this class, students will revisit the same set introduced at IPSB. However, it will be taught from the traditional Yang family perspective. This is the form that Zheng Man Qing, the creator of the Yang style short form, trained before simplifying it into the form popular today. Because students are familiar with it, more time can be devoted to the refinement of posture and body mechanics thereby improving their understanding of both Tai Chi and its application to massage.

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Stiteler 6/24 - 12/30 We 11:00 AM - 12:00 PM $10.00 View