Fundamentals of Massage Program (FMP)

The 150-hour Fundamentals of Massage Program is the introduction to the field of massage and bodywork. It is the beginning of the self-exploration process and is the building block for further studies. At the end of this course, a Certificate of Completion is presented.

The following course work is included and lays the foundation for advanced studies:

·         Circulatory Massage Technique

·         Introduction to Deep Circulatory Massage

·         Joint Mobilizations

·         Energy Balancing/Polarity

·         Anatomy/Physiology

·         Tai Qi Chuan

·         Body Psychology

·         Client & Therapist Communication

·         Business & Ethics

·         Self-Massage

·         Hygiene

To enroll in this program, please email:

Or call at   310-342-7130