Mystic Sound Gathering (2.5 Hours)


Held by The Mystic Agent, Shannon McLaren a BCPP, Integrative Craniosacral practitioner and Seer. Join us to reset and reboot your energy system at the Soul-u-lar level! 


We come together in the spirit of authenticity, to meet other people in a safe space of choice to listen to others or share and be heard in a way that nurtures the heart and nourishes the soul!  No competition, cross-talking or "you shoulds" here!"  Shannon weaves: ancient ceremonial tools, facilitates breathwork, sounding and a sound healing/bath. 


Benefits:  Brings a deep awareness and understanding of self: internal voice and how one connects with others. Boundaries engagement; sensing of likes and dislikes, breath usage, heightening sensitivities to sounds, body movements, and thoughts. 


What to bring:  Yoga Mat, altar item, & blanket.  Bolsters available in the studio.  

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McLaren 9/20 - 9/20 Su 07:00 PM - 09:30 PM $44.00 View