Scheduled Dates

11/14/2020   09:30 AM  06:30 PM
11/15/2020   09:30 AM  06:30 PM

Craniosacral Unwinding II (Module B)

Dates: 11/14/2020 to 11/15/2020
Schedule: Sa Su 09:30 AM - 06:30 PM

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Located in : Temescal Canyon Park, *Temescal - Bungalow 1
Instructor: Gary Strauss

Regular Student: $0.00

The techniques in this class focus on the bones of the cranium, face and mouth and throat. The student will get introduced to the concept of still-point and will learn techniques to facilitate this moment of reset in the nervous system. Learn the proper placement of hands in relation to the craniosacral system and how to use your hands to learn to be in rapport with the craniosacral system. Discover the reflex nature between the cranial bones and the pelvis.


*Module B is the in-person portion of this class.

Prerequisites: Craniosacral Unwinding II (Module A),  Craniosacral Unwinding II (12 hrs - Module A)