Scheduled Dates

5/26/2020   06:00 PM  07:00 PM
6/2/2020   06:00 PM  07:00 PM
6/9/2020   06:00 PM  07:00 PM
6/16/2020   06:00 PM  07:00 PM
6/23/2020   06:00 PM  07:00 PM
6/30/2020   06:00 PM  07:00 PM
7/7/2020   06:00 PM  07:00 PM
7/14/2020   06:00 PM  07:00 PM

This event has ended and is no longer available for new enrollments.

Self Massage with Foam Roller: Techniques for Relaxation and Restoration

Dates: 5/26/2020 to 7/14/2020
Schedule: Tu 06:00 PM - 07:00 PM

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Located in : Online, Online
Instructor: Amie Cole

Regular Student: $140.00

Learn to relax and rest your body with a foam roller. Course will introduce ways to work with the roller to relax your nervous system, enhance body awareness, release tension, improve posture, range of motion and access a state of enhanced physical and emotional well-being.


 (note the video link below has more info regarding supplies)

"Recommended - 6”x36” foam roller (medium or soft density) + Pillow + Yoga Mat

If you don’t yet have a long roller, a smaller roller can be used + a rolled Yoga Mat OR 2 Rolled Bath Towels (36” or longer) + Pillow"Contact your instructor, Amie, if you have any questions 310-890-4545 (cell)


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