Scheduled Dates

11/10/2020   06:30 PM  09:30 PM
11/13/2020   10:00 AM  05:00 PM

Ethics & Boundaries (9 Hours)

Dates: 11/10/2020 to 11/13/2020
Tu 06:30 PM - 09:30 PM
Fr 10:00 AM - 05:00 PM

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Located in : IPSB @ LEI, IPSB 3
Instructor: Sabrina Ortolano

Regular Student: $161.00

A successful career starts with understanding professional ethics and includes putting up healthy boundaries. In this class you will gain experience with healthy boundaries, communication, and safety in the professional therapeutic relationship. You will know how to handle Issues such as transference, counter-transference, projection, and sexuality in a session. Scope of practice and ethical considerations are reviewed so that you can feel ready to handle any situation in a private or public setting.