Scheduled Dates

8/14/2020   09:30 AM  06:30 PM
8/15/2020   09:30 AM  06:30 PM
8/16/2020   09:30 AM  06:30 PM

Energetic Nutrition (24 Hours)

Dates: 8/14/2020 to 8/16/2020
Schedule: Fr Sa Su 09:30 AM - 06:30 PM

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Located in : Temescal Canyon Park, *Temescal - Bungalow 1
Instructor: Gary Strauss

Regular Student: $421.00

Prerequisite: ICSU Advanced Certification Recommended

Learn to recognize the elemental qualities of food. You will explore tools like food diaries to help you and your clients honor their relationships and patterns with food. This class integrates esoteric, energetic, traditional and scientific understanding of nutrition. It provides experience and awareness that help students guide their clients toward a balanced and holistic relationship with food. 

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