Scheduled Dates

6/19/2020   09:30 AM  06:30 PM

Advanced Supervision (24 Hours)

Dates: 6/19/2020 to 12/11/2020
Schedule: Fr 09:30 AM - 06:30 PM

There will be no class held on
07/17, 08/21, 09/18, 10/16, 11/20
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Located in : Temescal Canyon Park, *Temescal - Bungalow 1
Instructor: Gary Strauss

Regular Student: $420.00

Prerequisite: ICSU Advanced Certification Recommended

Students bring examples of specific case studies they have done that have been personally challenging. These examples are examined and reflected in such a way that helps students explore their personal process and practice, especially concerning transference and counter-transference issues. Supervision work is essential to keep the client/practitioner relationship clean, clear, and healthy.

Class dates: 6/19, 12/11 and third date in 2021.