Scheduled Dates

7/18/2020   09:30 AM  06:30 PM
7/25/2020   09:30 AM  06:30 PM
8/1/2020   09:30 AM  06:30 PM
8/8/2020   09:30 AM  06:30 PM
8/15/2020   09:30 AM  06:30 PM
8/22/2020   09:30 AM  06:30 PM
8/29/2020   09:30 AM  06:30 PM

Deep Tissue II (56 Hours)

Dates: 7/18/2020 to 8/29/2020
Schedule: Sa 09:30 AM - 06:30 PM

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Located in : IPSB @ LEI, IPSB 1
Instructor: Cyndi Ortolano

Regular Student: $988.00

Pre-requisite: Deep Tissue I

Our unique style of deep tissue addresses tissue layer by layer, non-invasively, with the goal of producing maximum release with minimal effort and without adding trauma to tissue already traumatized. This two course series also deepens understanding of anatomy and how it functions in relation to posture and Body-mind considerations. Educating clients to feel for the experience of tissue release and not just pressure on the tissue is also an important component, as are self-care practices for the client and therapist. You will heighten your palpatory skills, keep incorporating your tai chi, and understand specific pathologies. 

Additional Information

Additional Instructor: Anke Rice