Scheduled Dates

2/7/2020   09:30 AM  06:30 PM
2/8/2020   09:30 AM  06:30 PM
2/9/2020   09:30 AM  06:30 PM

Craniosacral Unwinding I (24 Hours)

Dates: 2/7/2020 to 2/9/2020
Schedule: Fr Sa Su 09:30 AM - 06:30 PM

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Located in : Temescal Canyon Park, *Temescal - Bungalow 1
Instructor: Gary Strauss

Regular Student: $422.00

Craniosacral Unwinding is the antidote to the stresses and dis-harmonies created through modern living. It restores our basic nature by literally warming the soul. This empowers the potency from our basic essence to flow through the body and out into life. In this first class you will learn the anatomy and theory behind the Craniosacral phenomenon and will learn a basic approach to the Craniosacral system that is non-invasive and gets people to quickly relax at very deep level. This work brings people into alignment with their own CS system and is a new paradigm which empowers the body-worker to go deeper with less effort. 

Additional Information

**Please note that the Friday and Saturday classes will be held at Temescal Canyon. The Sunday class will be held in Culver City