Scheduled Dates

12/2/2018   09:00 AM  06:00 PM

This event has ended and is no longer available for new enrollments.

Facial Marma & Reflexology (8 Hrs)

The will be held on Sunday, December 2, 2018
From 09:00 AM until 06:00 PM

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Located in : IPSB @ LEI, IPSB 2
Instructor: Sofia Ianovskaia

Regular Student: $132.00

This 1-day course combines an interactive study presented as lecture style and practicum.  

In this class the students will explore two face reflexology modalities, stemming from Ayurvedic and Vietnamese backgrounds.

First part of the day the students will learn to identify and become familiar with Facial Diagnosis, facial reading and SVA Facial Marma (Ayurvedic tradition)/Kansa Face Wand.

The second part of the day the students will focus on learning how to work with Dien Chan -multireflex diagrams (Vietnamese tradition) and tools.  

The course is perfect for estheticians, massage therapists, reflexologists or for lay people who have interest in natural health to pursue a career in a field of healthcare or massage therapy.

COURSE OBJECTIVES: At the conclusion of Face Reflexology course the participants will be able to:

o   Become familiar with Facial diagnosis

o   Understand how to read facial diagrams (Dien Chan – Multireflex) method

o   Develop self-care and client care facial routine

o   Work on the face using various Face Reflexology diagrams and tools

Demonstrate giving SVA Facial Marma, 12 massages (Face), Lymphatic Drainage massage, perform simple facial protocols, and work with facial tools: detector, comet and Kansa Face Wand.


Regular Price: $147

Program Price: $139


Class not yet open to registrations